Copywriting and content creation

Using my experience in journalism and the digital world to craft compelling copy and create informative narratives.

Words matter

I am a thoughtful digital storyteller, and I’m an insightful writer who can make words dance, sing and deliver. Give me a challenge with words and I’ll crush it.

Check out the sections below to learn about a few of the different ways that I’ve made words work.


Helping the HIIT Lab

Local entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and busy mom Cathy Kerns knew West Seattle was missing something – a kick-ass place where clients of all ages and levels could come get a fantastic workout and have fun doing it. She needed a website that would help her grow an incredible community of sweat-a-holics, and she needed it to convey the passion and enthusiasm that she had for fitness.

I built the website for HIIT Lab from the ground up, and collaborated with Cathy and another copywriter to establish the voice and tone for her brand. From taglines to blurbs to CTAs and back, I wrote copy that exuded the vivacity with which Cathy approached her mission to build a clan of can-doers. Four years later, the movement is still going strong and Cathy’s site is the top result for “West Seattle HIIT workout” on Google.

Editor’s note: changes have been made to the website since it was created, so if you happen to spot a typo I promise it wasn’t my fault.

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Our workout

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Leveling up Leafly

You know that thing where Google switches an algorithm and your organic search traffic drops precipitously? Wait, you don’t? Well, just know this: if you’re a business like Leafly that depends heavily on search traffic, it’s a major problem.

Major problems demand major solutions, so I rolled up my sleeves and set about trying to solve this one. I used SEO insights, product knowledge and a heavy dose of thesaurus to reshape the content strategy of the product category pages on Leafly.

I wrote introductory copy and created helpful FAQs for each category to better inform our customers and juice our SEO in a genuine way, and I helped the business by turning around a harmful downward traffic trend into an upward trajectory.

Click the links below to view some of the product category pages that I helped to revamp, and compare them with pages like this one and this one that haven’t changed.



Hemp CBD


Just for fun

Some of my favorite projects are the ones whose origins reside in sheer creativity. Need proof? Check out the story behind my Pizza Party! stickers.

Here are a couple of projects that managed to find a life of their own, each with a little context provided to let you know the thinking behind it. In one, I took an assignment to write a children’s story and turned it into a job interview. In the other, I turned four words on the wall of a building destined to be torn down into a place to build community.

The School of Hard Talks

Keep Cap Hill Queered Mural