Pizza Party

A project about nothing became a constructive creative outlet that helped the community through art.

Silliness from scratch
A random sketch while sitting with some friends at a bar turned into a domain purchase which turned into a idea for a sticker which turned into a run of homemade, screen-printed t-shirts which eventually turned into an art show that helped to raise some dough for a local nonprofit. Throw in the jingle from an ’80s board game commercial, and you’ve got a stone-oven-baked phenomenon.
What’s the deal, dough?
Truthfully, this whole thing was a way for me to kick my own butt into gear and actually make something. The whole process of making the “Pizza Party!” website, sticker, t-shirt, art show and whatever else was to force myself to create.
Stick with it

Our stickers have been spotted from Seattle to Paris to Berlin to Portland to New Orleans to San Francisco to Tokyo to Puerto Vallarta to Italy to Reykjavik to Santiago, Chile, and back. There’s no Twitter account, no hashtag, no ad revenue and no anchovies. The Pizza Party! brand was created solely to bring people joy.