I’m a digital media generalist with experience in bringing information to online audiences in meaningful, intelligible ways.

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I don’t do anything by myself. I succeed, at least in part, because of the people around me. We all do. If you think that’s not true, I think you need to get over yourself.

Here’s the thing, though: that mentality means that I am pretty terrible at honestly identifying and talking about myself and my strengths. I always have been. Sometimes you need to advocate for yourself, though, so I’m going to put on my self-confidence hat and get to it. Please bear with me for a moment.

Forget Jack. I’m an Evann-of-all-trades. I am a master of working with others to come up with great ideas, and I have a proven ability to learn on the fly what it takes to get a project done right. I’m a creative, visual storyteller and problem solver. I am comfortable working from both a strategic and hands-on perspective, and I make sure to bring my sense of humor with me wherever I go.

I specialize in being a digital media generalist. I can do most anything you need in the digital realm. Web development? Yup. Digital design? Sure. Photography and photo editing? Man, I took enough classes where that could have been my major in college. Infographics, data visualization and interactive work? I’ve won awards for that stuff. Copywriting? I took a five-week class in it at the School of Visual Concepts and my instructor brought me in for an interview at her company. Videography and non-linear video editing? I’m not a pro, but I can do it. I can speak Spanish well enough to work through a routine traffic stop in Mexico involving a drug dog or, you know, have normal conversations. Project management? I de facto led the front-end visualization efforts for the 2014 midterm election coverage at NBC News in an Agile environment… sprints and stand-ups and all that jazz. It wasn’t my job, but I did it because it helped my team.

Speaking of teams, that’s where I actually excel. I delight in making other people’s days more full of joy. I love helping a teammate, whether it’s with a little creative feedback, by taking part in a brainstorming session about something on their plate or even just by listening to them tell me about the problems that they’re dealing with in their life. I’m a glue guy. I’m the Sixth Man of the Year. You win with players like me on your team. I’m your mom’s favorite friend.

I am a thoughtful, insightful, self-aware professional with more than a decade of experience at the intersection of human-centered user experience design advocacy, online communication and front-end web development and design. I have worked to produce interactive multimedia projects, create large-scale data visualizations and develop excellent user experiences for Starbucks, NBC News, TODAY and msnbc.

For fun, I designed stickers and made a website to celebrate my love for pizza. I always try to keep pushing myself creatively because I feel like I’m never as good as I want to be. How do I do that? I do things like taking dance classes. I design album covers for local musical artists, buttons and murals for causes in which I believe, hot sauce labels for my own wedding and t-shirts to celebrate the successes of my talented friends. I record and share my own raps with people I trust. Why? It’s all because I always want to get better at being the me who I want to be.

Ok, that’s enough. I’ll take off that silly hat now and let you take a look at some of the stuff I’ve done. Also, did I really say all of that? What a nerd.

Interactive projects

I worked on a team of talented people who partnered journalism with development and design to make interesting, interactive projects. News. Health. Science. Sports. Business. Politics. Entertainment. We made stories engaging and immersive. We made news addictive.

Before & after slideshow

A reusable editorial asset that allowed users to experience “before and after” photo sets through an interactive tool.

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Gulf Coast’s struggle back

Pairing a one-of-a-kind interface with a powerful photo series, we documented the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Learn more

Battle of the Bags

Paper or plastic? What’s the right choice? This project helps you learn more about the issue and how to make your decision.

Learn more

Websites for all

You need a website, huh? I’ve probably got you covered. Single-page portfolio sites. Bigger experiences for your nonprofit, business or promoting your own brand. One-offs just for fun. WordPress-driven or custom-hewn from organic, all-natural HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and made for consumers on devices large and small. Feel free to get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

Smaller experiences

Do you need a personal website to showcase your résumé and other professional accomplishments? I can make one that’s clean, modern and that makes you shine!

Bigger experiences

Are you a nonprofit, a small business owner or an artist who needs a strong web presence? I can create a website that will match your needs and the needs of your audience.

Fun one-offs

Sometimes you just want something that’s quick, easy and fun. Maybe you want a website that doesn’t really have a point. I can do those, too!

Extracurricular activities

A portfolio that only includes work projects isn’t representative of who I am or what I’m about. Here are a few things I’ve done in my own time to let you know more about me. These aren’t all, though! I also try to flex my creative muscles by making videos, teaching spin classes and trying my hand out at design.

Editorial cartoons

As an undergraduate I drew editorial cartoons on a weekly basis for The Daily Tar Heel, the student-run newspaper at the University of North Carolina.

View some of my cartoons

The Service Board

I served as a mentor in the Service Board’s program of social justice, service-based community stewardship and snowboarding instruction for three years.

Find out about tSB

K-pop boy band

What do you do if you’re a full-grown man who’s not a dancer and not Korean? You join forces with your friends to form a K-pop boy band, of course.

Check out the band

Pizza Party!

There’s no Twitter account, no hashtag, no ad revenue and no anchovies. The “Pizza Party!” brand lives solely to make people happy.

Dial “P” for pizza

NBC News election coverage

Election coverage needs to be two things: accurate and fast. It also helps if the presentation is interesting. Since 2006, I’ve worked to provide up-to-the-minute national mid-term and Presidential election results in an engaging presentation to an audience of millions. View several of those project below.

Election results maps

Visualizing election results for Presidential, Congressional and gubernatorial races across the country with interactive maps.

Learn more about the maps

Voter Confidence Index

Helping users understand America’s confidence level in the President and his party over time.

Learn more about the VCI

Candidate + Issue Matrix

Informing our audience about the 2008 Presidential field through an interactive tool.

Learn more about the Matrix