Three classes in, this is definitely my most “conceptual” routine so far. The mix/remix idea stemmed from my musical interests. I think it’s interesting when musicians sample or rework songs from other musicians, so I decided to try to transfer that over to my class.

Here’s the deal: I found songs that sampled other songs, paired them with the original version and tried to make the drills for each reflect each other in some way. I took those song pairings and built a sort of reflective playlist, so the first song and last song match, the second song and penultimate song match and so on until you get to MC Hammer the middle. “U Can’t Touch This” was actually part of a three-song pairing along with “Superfreak” and “Dance (A$$).”

If that doesn’t make much sense, here are the drills in order of appearance. Match ’em up with the songs in the playlist and it should get clearer:

  • Warm-up (“I’m Coming Out”)
  • Seated sprints
  • Sprints
  • Seated climbs into standing climbs
  • Standing walks into seated pushes
  • Seated climbs into high-resistance surges
  • Standing climbs into hovers
  • Seated climbs with high-resistance surges
  • Jumps, standing to hover
  • Seated climbs into high-resistance surge intervals
  • Seated climbs into standing attack runs
  • Around the worlds
  • Standing climbs into hovers
  • Sprints
  • Cool down (“Mo Money Mo Problems”)


Photo: By Bain News Service (publisher) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons