I created this ride to honor the dopest chick I know: the one and only Ashley Miller. The soundtrack is a compilation of songs that a) I know she likes, b) have some sort of meaning in our relationship history and c) are karaoke hits for her. I built the choreography around the “jumps” drill because I’m a jerk and I know it’s one of her least favorites, but I switched up the execution of the drill because I’m not a total jerk and I love her. You’ll find the explanation for the three elements I used in each section of the ride below.

This ride featured three sets of work with three shared features in each:

1) Drake song

If I had to name a famous musical personality who might be a potential threat to our relationship, it would go: a) David Bowie b) Prince and c) Drake. Ashley vibes to Drake’s hits in a somewhat unexpected manner.

2) Jumps for Ashley

Ashley hates a few spin class drills, and this is one. Obviously, I had to use it as an inspiration, right? We moved from seated into standing climbs often in this class, so it mimicked the up-and-down movement of the jumps drill but in a slowed-down fashion. Also, we had faster songs where we moved from seated into standing at higher RPMs. Ashley didn’t like that part.

3) Rolling hills… b****es!!!

There’s a story here, but you’ll have to ask me about it in person.

Here’s the in-class playlist I used…

…and here’s the version of the playlist with the unedited songs (it’s probably a better listen).