When I think of riding bikes, I think of my dad. He was there to push me when my training wheels came off, and he was there to push me through my first 150-mile fundraiser ride. He definitely played an integral role in instilling in me the competitive drive and the passion for athletics and fitness that eventually inspired me to become a spin instructor. He also helped me develop a love for music, especially listening to good tunes while driving around with the volume turned way up in the car!

My dad was in town for a little over a week, so I invited him to come to one of my classes. As a surprise, I dedicated the class to him and I built the playlist around music that we’ve shared together through the years. Half of the soundtrack was based on songs that I remember from riding around with him driving, and the other half was composed of jams that I have bumped heavily in my own cars over the years. I alternated between a “dad song” and a “me song” throughout the ride. If it looks like I’m crying over here, you’re probably wrong!