Starbucks learning app

An opportunity to connect learning programs and users more effectively through better use of the digital and mobile space.

Putting learning in their hands

Retail learning needs to be efficient and relevant, and training materials are only as effective as your understanding of your audience. So I got busy learning about our users to create personas.

I worked with my design partner, Angelo Salgado, to refine the user experience for the games in our mobile learning reinforcement app. Despite strict design limitations placed on us by our contract with the third-party app creator, we worked to redefine the visuals and user flows created prior to our involvement in the project to create a better experience for the learners.

We put the users first in our design thinking and tied the visuals to the environment in which they’d be learning and working.
In service of the learning

With limited design options available to us due to contractual restrictions, Angelo and I concentrated on the essentials of the app that the learners would be using.

We streamlined the learning games that our vendor pitched, we consolidated and thoughtfully packaged content and we kept our focus on the learners and the daily stresses under which they found themselves. In that context, we always aimed for a simpler solution in the learning app.