Editorial cartoons

Putting pen to paper to provide political and social commentary on the news of the day.

Bringing ideas to life
When I was an undergraduate student I drew editorial cartoons on a weekly basis for The Daily Tar Heel, the student-run newspaper at the University of North Carolina. I had to come up with ideas for editorial cartoons based on the current events of the week, whether they were issues of world, national or solely campus concern.
At the time, tuition increases were a big topic of discussion around campus and George W. Bush was President. My cartoons covered wide-ranging topics such as the Presidential campaign and election in 2006, gay rights and homophobia, the Cookie Monster and, one of my favorites, Carolina basketball.
I tried to provide a unique and generally humorous point of view on whatever subject I was covering that week. One of my favorite things about drawing the cartoons was that it forced me to learn more than I might have otherwise about current events and it made me think critically about various sides of complex issues.